Sensing the electrical activity of a plant

I found two main references very useful for my project. The two listen to the electrical activity of plant in order to produce music (or at least sounds).

The first is Pulsum Plantae (Github project). This project amplifies the low voltage of a plant to make it readable, then converts it into an interactive installation that makes sounds. Leslie Garcia, Thiago Hersan, and Paloma López (the artists) have opened the sources of their project to make it accessible to people like me, allowing me to learn how things work and what could be a technical solution for this specific project.

The other comes from Data Garden and their Midi Sprout. Midi Sprout is a device that converts the electrical activity of plants into midi signals that you can send to any device such as synthetizers in order to produce musical melodies made by plants.

The project isn't open-source but, fortunately for me, someone (Sam Cusumano) open-sourced the electronic part of it to make it accessible to all. It can be found here and there.

I will prototype them both and compare the results to see which one is best for my use.

Sensor prototype n°1: 555 IC timer

Sensor prototype n°2: Op-amps

Created 01/06/2020

Updated 29/06/2020